Just one final nail for your coffins.

Eh, I’m getting to that stage of sickness where pretty much anything requiring any sort of movement feels like a giant effort.

Like, I’ve been staring at my cold and flu tablets for the last five minutes, silently willing them to just magically get inside my body without me having to actually move.


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love me like it’s prom night

Best of Karasuno volleyball team~!

You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of all evil! 

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{Wings of Destiny}

"Because I wished for everyone to live, I did everything I could." 


I just want to see more cute girlfriends in stories.

I just want to see more girls find harmony and acceptance in each other rather than scorn and jealousy from a society forcing them to compete.

I just want young girls to have their feelings validated and that the love they feel for their best friend might be something more and that’s totally okay.

I just want to see a cute lesbian couple without the strings of drama and tragedy pulling at the audience to make them even care about the relationship.

I just really really wholeheartedly want more media to portray a cute pair of girlfriends as a loving, stable relationship where they do their best to make their partner healthy and happy rather than some steamy, stereotypical, sexually tantalizing tripe cooked up for the male gaze.

And the very same goes for any non-heterosexual couple but damn,

I just want to see more cute girlfriends in stories.


「おれにトス、持って来い!!!」明日案内開始♪「ねんどろいど 日向翔陽」で遊んでみた!

Nendoroid Tobio Kageyama is also coming soon!


It has been brought to my attention that “Gay Rights” is limiting the scope of this community. I meant to say LGBTQ+ Rights. Where you see “Gay Rights” in my Marina Silva post please substitute “LGBTQ+ Rights”



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I really think Hope would have been just as weirded out by Lightning’s E3 pose as a lot of the gamers were.

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drew these guys from memory to see if i could remember how to draw w/this tablet

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"So please see the feelings Kakeru and Naho have for each other."

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A story’s birth is a sudden event. The start, a happy accident.

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