The thing that pisses me off mostly about the brony culture is that most of them are completely cool. They’re just normal fans, who are into a show about cartoon ponies and unicorns and pegasi, and for the most part have built a pretty decent culture around their beloved show. So it pisses me off that it’s this horrible minority basically wrecking the fandom’s reputation, when really most of them are completely cool.

I’m older than most people I know on tumblr, and I’ve been quite a few different fandoms over the years, so yes, I completely acknowledge that pretty much all fandoms come with an ugly side. 

But I can say I’ve honestly never seen anything like the uglier part of FiM fandom (….seriously, death and rape threats over a cartoon pony? Really?). Maybe it’s because of the sheer size of the fandom, but in way it’s a real shame because I love the show myself, and I’d love to be more involved in the fandom, but everytime I see a post about people defending a well-known brony who admitted he raped an underage girl, or send death threats to someone because she didn’t like the portrayal of ‘Derpy’…just no.

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