so azuresquirrel just made a really amazing post about the rainbow crystal arc and i agree with every word of it.

but one thing that has always stuck out to me about the first season is the kunzite/evil tuxedo mask mini arc

because honestly i feel like that arc, the episodes are really good and we get some amazing character moments.

but at the same time, it completely kills the pacing of the series.

like the rainbow crystal arc had this really good buildup that led into the venus/starlight tower 3 parter, and this is really the “all is lost” point that demarcates between the 2nd and 3rd acts of your standard 3 act structure.

so at this point we should really be building up to something big.

aaaand then we get the much more sedate motw episodes that end up deflating the tension that we built up.

i feel like we really could have done MORE at this point, and i really feel like the characters should be fearing for their lives a bit more.

from the beginning of the series we have been searching for a princess and a crystal, and now we have it.  And an ally and usagi’s destined bf are captured by the enemy, and mamoru KNOWS WHO USAGI IS.

It’s funny because I love the individual episodes, but this whole arc just doesn’t fit the story at this point.

*nods vigorously* Yes, good words. I haven’t gotten there yet in my rewatch because I’m following the Hulu release schedule, but YEAH. Most of the episodes after evil!Endymion happens should have more tension in them, but a few aside don’t really. Which is a bit similar to my own issues with the rainbow crystal arc where Luna tells the senshi “hey so these seven crystals make up the super powerful ultra mega crystal we’ve been looking for, that’s really really important” and then they spend like six episodes NOT TRYING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT WHILE ZOISITE AND TUXEDO MASK THROW FLOWERS AT EACH OTHER.

Now having read this, I’m going to say something to make THE ENTIRE FANDOM HATE ME.

The original anime’s pacing is really crappy.

The manga’s pacing is also crappy.


And honestly I don’t think Crystal is going to fix the problem.

Honestly I think this is the reason I don’t like it when I see people hating on one particular version. It’s because I really can’t take one as obviously the superior, they’re ALL flawed at a structural level in some way, at least in my eyes.

Perhaps someday there will be a version that meets in the middle place the surely must exist between the manga’s breakneak PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT pace and the 90s anime’s HERE’S LOTS OF FUN CHARACTER STUFF YOU’LL LOVE, UM WHOOPS PLOT NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW I GUESS THE VILLAIN’S GOING TO FALL OFF A CLIFF OR SOMETHING NOW version where there’s the terrible side effect of making the girls look far less competent at being superheroes outside of season finales. THERE IS A HEALTHY MIDDLE BETWEEN THOSE TWO SOMEWHERE.

And perhaps that day I shall love that version the most (PGSM almost approaches it from a writing level but I wish it had covered more than the Dark Kingdom arc).

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I am 1000% convinced that the Stars arc of the Manga ended with Usagi marrying all of the Sailor Guardians.

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I was just thinking about you.